June 03, 2020

Have you ever arrived at a destination to run some canyons in a Prius and wondered where you could access a  canyon that would only take a couple hours to complete?  No? Well your missing out on one of the most accessible canyon in south east Utah, fry canyon.

We literally rolled out of the car into the canyon from the highway, my hat even blew into the canyon from the car.

 Immediately we were encountered with a very short but scenic section of narrows that required no ropes for us. We go under the highway bridge and the canyon opens back up again. 

There is an exit of sorts with a handline that allows for a very quick trip which I am led to believe is called” fryollite “canyon.

We continue walking down for a bit of distance and reach a rappel that takes us into some deep and quite scenic narrows with water.

The narrows end pretty quickly which leads us into a canyon where we encounter Anasazi kivas on a ledge. This was quite interesting as we usually do not see kivas or ruins in canyons. 
Ceder Mesa is pretty well known for ruins and this was quite interesting to see. 

Fry canyon is worth checking out if you are driving through the area or will be camped out in this region as it’s straightforward, short, and right off the highway. 

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