June 04, 2020

Red hollow canyon can be done as a non technical canyon hike or as a technical canyoneering route from the top down. 

The headwall is a beautiful 300 foot drop into the canyon itself. 

This particular drop will wake up any jaded canyon junkie as the wall bells out just 20 feet under the lip. 

I went into a awkward spin and ended up twisting around the rope at least 20 times. 

What was left of the canyon had some scenic narrows yet it was a bit short lived 

The canyon opens back up a bit and soon narrows down into some red canyon

We did find a lot of graffiti on the walls and steps where it appeared to give access to people coming up from the bottom. 

The canyon had some short raps after the large 300 foot drop that were decently scenic but not something that stood out to me,. 

If this canyon did not have that dramatic first drop, I would just come up the canyon from the bottom up. 

This was a great Sunday canyon to wrap up a fantastic weekend. 

If you are looking for specific beta, please view ropewiki for more information

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