June 23, 2020

Arizona has some pretty alright C class ( moving water ) canyons as long as you catch them in time when they are flowing. 

tucked into a rather un assuming beautiful region of Arizona Parker canyon delivers quite the scenic stab in the eye of geology and color. 

noting that two streams feed into parker, we were nearing the end of the season but still got some flow to make the canyon acoustics reverb with white noise and interest. 

a few raps and the canyon quickly dropped deep into corridors where the towering walls erected to a cavern like spectacle. 

slides and small raps were encountered in this enchantment of water and wall. 

Some slides were a bit more illustrious than others. 

more raps and and slides opened us up into a beautiful lush garden of greens and red firey walls. 

nothing short of spectacular and eye opening, even for my spoiled taste.  

continuing to work downwards more raps are presented. 

some of which required a direct descent in the waterfall, excellent!!

more slides were encountered until we came to the last two raps. 

taking a break to take in the beauty I enjoy pondering what becomes of this canyon as a passageway for water. 

shit rolls down hill and so does water so living up to this theory I can imagine the amount of water drainage that is caught from the hills above. 

endearing as it might be, I am glad it is not happening now. 

from above it might be entertaining but a flash flood would not be a show I would want to participate in

especially in parker canyon. 

natures waterparks and warm sun make this canyon and other c class canyons enjoyable enough to drive 6 hours from Vegas to experience. 

next time ill have to get here a bit earlier to get a better look at the touch and feel of this watercourse. 

in the meantime, I enjoyed this loop and I am grateful we got here when we did. 

stay classy out there Arizona. 


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