July 02, 2013

Ascending out of Rothrock Pit

I have been Waiting to go to Cave Capers for a year now.  I had a group of friends that went down there last year and had a blast so I was eager to get down there and have a good time as well as check out some caves in the area. I got to Chris Parks house the night before and we woke up early so we could get a head start down to Capers.  We get to the fairgrounds and set up camp under the only shelter in the area in case it rained., (it rained BTW).  We had a list of places to check out and decided on going to Rothrock Pit cave.
We got to the entrance of the pit and it was right off the road, which was nice, but, the entrance was covered in Poison Ivy.  Great!!!

Entrance to Rothrock Pit Cave
We dropped this 50 ft pit and found some garbage at the bottom as well as a yellow/black snake sitting on the ledge. The Pit Itself was small with a dome next to the drop.  There was some small passage that lead to another drop down into another dome where water was heard but we didn't make it into the second section of the cave.
Chris Parks going into the second section of Rothrock Cave
 We all ascended back out of the cave to go grab some dinner in hopes of getting to another pit in time but the sun at settled down and we decided to go back to the campground.  We hung out at the campgrounds listening to Dave Everton and Rich Pagels sing in the bands as well as have a few beers.  We got to bed to make sure we got an early start to the long day we anticipated on having.
Chris Parks Ascending Rothrock Cave

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