Easy Pit Cave

July 02, 2013

Easy Pit entrance with a trickling waterfall  
We woke up early to get a head start so we could get to these pits at the right time.  We ate breakfast at Fredrick's in Corydon IN which is a good breakfast place and also a meet up for cavers in the area.  We got through that and made it over to the property Easy Pit is on...( a Buddhist Temple).  Very interesting to see a Buddhist temple in the middle of the woods in south Indiana, but why not........They had their own micro eco system working out for them, utilizing the resources they had which made them pretty self sustaining from what I can see.  Very cool!!!!  We went up the forest and made it to the pit entrance after a little search.   We rigged The pit entrance and dropped down the 70 ft pit to the bottom. 
Descending down Easy Pit
We all got down to the bottom and noticed around the pits walls were sculpted rock formations, a trickling water fall coming from the top,  and some flowstone draping the walls.  There was no passage but It was a nice looking cave from the inside. 
Bottom of Easy Pit.
 We got to the bottom and I noticed a bright green snake on a ledge.  It was super freaking green!!! Tymme rescued the snake by placing the snake in a bag and brought it back up to the surface so it can have another chance at life. 
snake at the bottom
We all ascended out of the cave without any issues and quickly got into the car to get to the next location which was Wilson pit.  The highlight of Cave Capers 2013 IMO
looking up from the bottom of easy pit.

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