July 02, 2013

Entrance to Wells Cave
Jorge and Rich Pagels were waiting around all day to do something since they are not vertical cavers so i wanted to make sure we were able to get something horizontal in before it got too late.  I got back and Laura, Rich, Jorge, and myself got to Wells cave in good time.  We rigged a hand line and descended the 12-15 ft pit to the bottom walking passage. 
Typical walking passage in Wells Cave
We followed the 2000 ft cave going over break down sections and cross the stream passage at times. We made it the the helicitite rooms where there are small clusters of helictites growing on the ceilings.  It was a beautiful place.

helictite clusters on the ceiling in Wells Cave.

This was nice to see as they were small in size but clustered up in a group which made them look like a series of circuits.  We continued down to the stream passage where we followed that up and down breakdown sections to the section where we had to crawl on our bellies.  We got through the crawling and found ourselves in a room full of formations. 

Laura crawling to the formation room in Wells Cave

The formation room had a small trail that took you through the center of the formations which was a nice way to tour and continue on to the back of the cave. 

Formation room in Wells Cave

We got the end of the cave and turned around to find ourselves taking a wrong turn which took us to an upper level of Wells Cave.  We realized it fast and back tracked to where we were before and made it out of the cave with no problem.
The following day we got up to eat breakfast which took longer than expected.  We made the decision to go to Devils Graveyard but since I have already been there, I decided to look for Devils Dungeon.  We followed the road to the landowner property where the cave is located and found the landowners to not be home.  We decided not to go on their property as there were no trespassing signs everywhere and shotguns shells laying around, didn't quite feel like getting shot at today. We ended up going home and thinking about the good times we had at Capers this year.  We made some new friends and got to cave with old friends which made for a wonderful weekend!!
helictites in Wells Cave

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