Wilson's Pit

July 02, 2013

Wilson's Pit

Right after Easy Pit we made it over to the location where Wilson's Pit has eroded its way to the surface.  This is a 100 ft pit where 30ft is on a ledge and another 80 ft is a free fall down a large borehole pit.  Rappelling this pit was a nice because you pass stratified rock layers which was like taking an elevator tour back in time to see where the rock layers laid down their sediments.  This was a nice pit!! Best Pit I have been to in Indiana for sure. 

The bottom was carved out from a waterfall trickle and there was a slot canyon that one could follow. Everyone in the group scaled to the top of  a ledge where you could watch other people come down and ascend up.

On the ledge in Wilson's Pit.
I continued to traverse across a small exposed walkway to another small climb using rope to get to the top section of the pit.  I am so glad I did this because it was amazing to see the beautiful formations and popcorn formations that have grown in this section.  It was a like a little room full of designs and colors.

Top shelf formation room.

Beyond this section it ends in a breakdown full of flowstone and fallen formations

Top of the third level where the formations were.
This was a small cave but one of the most beautiful Pit caves I have been in and the best for indiana standards.  There were a lot of people here on this section of the trip so it took some time to get out but we all made it out and headed back to the campsite for a horizontal trip into Wells cave
back of the formation room.

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