July 17, 2011

Fortune Pond Wisconsin
One the way back from Pictured Rocks I stopped off at this quarry that has crystal clear blue water and is quite deep.

Fortune Pond Wisconsin
I drove to the boat dock and luckly there was nobody around to see what I was doing.  I donned my gear and made a solo dive down to a depth of 100ft. down to a ridge.  There was not really much to look at other than the crystal clear blue water including the surface that I could see clearly and a scree slope going down.

Fortune Pond Wisconsin
Fortune Pond started as an iron ore mine, and was active from 1953 through 1958. During that period, 1,316,905 tons of iron ore was pulled out of the ground. Pumps worked 24 hours a day to keep the pit dry. There was one shaft with two drifts for drainage. The size is 1,930 feet long by 750 feet wide. Its stocked with brown trout, plenty of crayfish scuttling around, and there's at least one good sized mud turtle in there.



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