July 16, 2011

Eber Ward Shipwreck

After stopping off in traverse city and visiting the shipwreck along the way, we crossed the bridge that too us into the upper pinensula of michigan in St. Ignace.  The town was a fishing town with a few places to eat, motels, and white fish... Tons of White fish entreas and cuisine.  I got to bed early and had to get up to make it to the harbor where the charter was going to take us out to the Eber ward and the Sandusky.  We couldnt ask for a better day!!! 

Eber ward Shipwreck
The Water conditions were calm as can be!  We set out for the wreck of the Eber Ward and at a Depth of 140ft., this was going to be one of the deepest wrecks that I have been on.


We all giant stride into the water and start our descent in the clear waters of lake michigan.  I remember coming up to the sterns port quarter and being shocked by how clear the water was and how MASSIVE this intact shipwreck is!!!!  It is one of the best shipwrecks that I have ever been on!  we flank the port side and enter into one of the cargo holds that lead us to the engine room.  I rememebr being at around 120ft freezing in my 7mm wetsuit and loving every minute of it.  Though I was feeling a bit narced out of my mind this was a fantastic dive!!

Eber Ward Shipwreck
 our bottom time was a mere 10 minutes before we started our ascent back up to the surface.  We went through pyles decompression model and completed a 3 minute stop at 15ft.  Wow that was amazing !!


Sandusky Shipwreck
 The next wreck we went to visit is the historic shipwreck of the Sanducky.
MORE INFO ON THE SANDUSKY:   Whats really interesting about this wreck is that not much is actually known about the Sanducky which sank in 1956.  We Giant stride into the lake after changing out our 80s and descend down to the Sanducky. The Viz was great so we dropped down just under the wrecks deck we swam up her forward and around her starboard to view the wrecks entire majesty.  It was fascinating to be on this historic wreck as nobody survived after she went fown in 1856.

Sandusky Shipwreck
 What a great day of diving one two of the top tier shipwrecks on the great lakes but tomorrow was going to shape up to be quite a different experience on the great lakes.

Sandusky Shipwreck


The following day was quite different, the waves we rolling 3s and the current was moving pretty quickly.  We got to the William Young and we ended up having to move out of the way due to the current being so strong divers were being dragged away from the tag line and swept out into the straits.  What was worse was that there was a barge headed directly towards us so we had to pick up the diver in time before this barge would run stright over us.  we are just a blip on his radar.    We picked up the nervous diver and headed over toward the Cederville.  This ship is a MONSTER WRECK!!!!!!!!!!


This wreck was so big, we only got to go inside the bridgehouse and the front quarter and into a couple container rooms before we hit our thirds. We came up and did our decompression in the current.  the viz was not so great but it was amazing to see this monster of the deep!

The last wreck is the Barnum This was tucked away more in the harbor side on the other side of the straits so at 60ft and somewhat intact, it was a good wreck to visit due to the current and viz conditions.

William H. Barnum

It was a blast to dive these wrecks of the Straits and there are plenty more wrecks to visit up here within the recrational limit which makes this a world class place to visit.

William H. Barnum Shipwreck

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