July 03, 2011

Shipwreck of the Appomattox Milwaukee WI

We woke up the following morning and I wanted to dive a shore dive that I have been waiting to do for a couple of years.  There was a couple hundred foot decline down to the beach and a ¼ mile swim out to the bouy where the shipwreck was so I decided to just bring snorkeling gear, a PFD, a camera, and my lungs for a Free dive down to visit these two shipwrecks. 
Shipwreck of the Appomattox Milwaukee WI

It was a nice light weight walk down to the beach, there were not to many people out, and the lake was pretty calm which made for some good swimming out to the wreck.  I donned my gear and swam out to the shipwreck where all that was left was large skeletal haul, fasteners strewed about, and some haul planking. The depth was around 20ft so I took a breath and descended down scaring the alewives, and sculpin as I neared their resting place. After view the wreck for around 20 minutes or so, I went to find the Josaphine.

Shipwreck of the Appomattox, Milwaukee WI

There was not much to her as she was pretty much buried in the sand except for a few pieces of haul planking poking through the sand. I can only guess that some years, this wreck is completely covered in sand and at other times this wreck is somewhat visible. She lies in 8 ft of water.
More info on the Josaphine:

The APPOMATTOX is a historic preserve so it is a protected wreck and worth a visit form a boat or from shore.  Just make sure you bring a diving flag  

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