July 21, 2011

Silver Lake Sand Dunes
After stopping off at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and a failed attempt to get to the shipwreck of the Novadoc from the shore, We went to another beach where the shipwreck of the Daisy Day remains.
Daisy day Shipwreck
  We walk down the beach front and we end up finding The top of the Boiler of the daisy day.  This boiler must be at least 10ft under the sand with the rest of the wreck so the only thing we could see was the top of the boiler.
Daisy Day Shipwreck
The wreck site is right off of shore and pretty easy to find with just a mask, fin, and snorkel setup. Afterwards we started to head towards traverse city to visit the shipwreck of the Elmwood.
The Shipwreck of the Elmwood rests in about 20ft of water just off shore and just over a sand ledge that drops from 6ft to 20ft. The Wreck is rather small and appears to be just a small sailboat or a row boat but the site is good enough to free dive and good enough for shore divers to visit the small shipwreck.  The waters were clear as can be which was really nice. We went to visit a few other shipwrecks in the torch lake area but I was only able to find planking and some board remains of other shipwrecks north of traverse city.  It was a fun adventure to swim in the waters and visit these wrecks and made for a nice day in the Traverse City area.
Silver Lake Sand Dunes

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