July 23, 2011

Northener Shipwreck Port Washington (Photo taken by Dirk Wilhelm)
I got back up at the usual time on a hot humid Saturday morning and made my way through the gauntlet of drunk drivers and cops with a suspicious attitude regarding any driver on the highway going 5-10 miles over the speed limit. I made up to Port Washington and got on the dive boat so we could go off and visit the famous dive site the Northerner.
Northerner Shipwreck (Photo taken by Dirk Wilhelm)
This wreck is at 120-130ft to the dirt but is pretty much in-tact and still has her lumber cargo in the haul.  We dove on a clear day and got down to see the wreck which was in crystal clear water.
Shipwreck of the Brig Mahoning

Our dive was a recreational dive, so our bottom time was limited to our AL80 but we had a fantastic dive without any incident. 
Shipwreck of the Brig Mahoning

The Following wreck is the wreck of the Brig Mahoning.  She was in 60ft. of water which was a good second dive for us but it was rather broken up
Shipwreck of the Brig Mahoning

A large Burbot was slithering through the wreck which was interesting to see.
Shipwreck of the Brig Mahoning
Overall the wrecks were fantastic to dive and I am glad I got to dive these wrecks
Adam Haydock and Richard Smith Moore on the Northener shipwreck (Photo Taken by Dirk Wilhelm)



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