July 21, 2014

Fall Creek Falls State Park

We wake up at Fall Creek Falls State park so we could meet up with Troy Fuqua early and meet at the keystone river cave entrance in the morning.  After breakfast Chris and I walk a loop trail on the rim of the gorge to see the cliffs and impressive Tennessee waterfalls fall creek falls has to offer and it was rather impressive. 

Fall Creek Falls State Park
Fall Creek Falls itself is about a 250ft waterfall that goes down into a gorge surrounded by limestone cliffs and pine trees.  It is a beautiful place and I highly recommend camping at this state park as well as spending a day hiking the gorge itself.  

fall Creek Falls State Park
We didn’t get a chance to hike as much as we wanted to as we were waiting to plan for the trip into Keystone River with Troy but during our hike we got the call from troy that he was not going to be able to make it so we ended up cancelling the keystone river cave trip and going to Ferris Pit, Bow Allen Pit and Rocky River cave. 
fall Creek Falls State Park
It was a good decision to do so as it would have been just Chris and I going into the cave carrying all kinds of camera and rigging along with 380ft of rope  to the back of the cave to drop a 250ft waterfall pit. 
Fall Creek Falls State Park
The cave itself was a water cave with navigation and technical risk Chris and I decided to not face.  We felt good about it and were happy to drive a bit north to go to Ferris Pit.

Fall Creek falls State Park
FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/exploration-worldwide/sets/72157645441525269/

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