July 23, 2014

Frenchman's Knob

WHHEEWW......what a great trip this was to TAG this summer!  We went to visit camps gulf, wolf river, jimmy hole, rumbling falls, Ferris pit, bow Allen pit, rocky river, and now we are heading over to Frenchman's Knob.  It rained for almost three days straight and tacking on cool rainy nights, cave beaten bodies, and long tiresome drives, this trip got to test our physical and mental strength a bit but made for some of the best times in some amazing caves!!!  The night we got out of rumbling falls I decided to start  heading north and get a hotel to sleep in and dry off a bit.  The following day we continued our drive up into Kentucky and to our last location at Frenchman's knob.  This was a 160ft drop into a cave system with a couple miles of passage.

Frenchman's Knob
We get to the property and rig high so we could get the full effect of the pit itself.  We rig and I drop down into this beautiful water cut open air room with towering stone figurines coated with green moss and flora growing down over half of the pit.  This is a unique and beautiful place with the way the stone is cut and how the rock has been shaped to look like large totem poles of karst topography. 

Frenchman's Knob
 Justin Dropped down shortly after and went down into the passage while we ascended back out to the surface. 
Frenchman's Knob
Justin said the canyon passage kept going and it was a canyon like walking passage that meandered around a stream.  We de rig and work our way back to bloomington to drop off everyone and I eventually pull into Chicago around 10pm to unload the car and start washing everything off.  I want to thank the SCCI for allowing us access to some of the caves that we went to visit on this trip.  I also want to thank Fall Creek Falls State Park for allowing us access into Camps Gulf and Rumbling Falls.  I am grateful that Joe and Bart joined us along the way for the Rumbling Falls trip as it was a great experience.  This Summer trip turned out to be almost as I planned it minus Keystone River Cave but that is ok as we will have to return shortly to visit this wonderful region again.


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