July 22, 2014

Rimstone Dam Pools Rocky River Cave

We arrive at the Rocky River Cave park and proceed to have dinner in the small parking section while the sun started to set.  Afterwards we entered the large entrance in a sinkhole right next to the road. This place almost appeared to be a park of sorts where people come to enjoy the area and visit the cave.  We enter Rocky River Cave and walk to the first waterfall. 
Large Rimstone Dam Pool Rocky River Cave

This was a beautiful rimstome dam with water spilling over into a plunge pool of clear water!! I love these caves!!!  We continue on down another larger rimstone dam waterfall utilizing rope and our rappelling gear to be overly safe since we were tired from the trips activities.  This was even more impressive !!! 

15ft Rimstone dam Pool Rocky River Cave
there appeared to be two more levels above us which required stemming and traversing over exposed chert cut rock that opened into the main lower level.  It appeared that the water cut itself down creating multiple levels of passage that would test your traverse skills. There was a ladder at the top of the first rimstone dam which took people up to the top level.  The next room contained some breakdown to climb over than some absolutely amazing rimstone dam pools with crystal clear blue water!!!  So beautiful!!! 
Rimstone Dam Pools Rocky River Cave
  We continued to the last room which was a lake of sorts with water contained around a solid rock wall.  It was a mystery to us as to where all this water was going as it appeared to be stagnant where we were yet it was clear.  The water must be moving through something and continuing on down stream. 
Lake in Rocky River Cave
 Regardless we wanted this to be a easy fun trip as we visited 3 caves and prospected for two more through out the course of the day.  We head back to the state park and Justin was waiting for us to join us on our remaining portion of the trip to camps gulf jmmy hole rumbling falls and frenchamns knob.

Rimstone dam Pool waterfall Rocky River Cave

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