July 09, 2014

Manabezho Falls Presque Isle River
 We got to Ironwood Michigan which saved off some time with driving as the cascades were near the town.  We set off for The Presque Isle River as I am hoping to see some waterfalls and a section where water has eroded the rock into razor sharp circular scalloped formations. We drive down and it turns out that the waterfall section is a state park so we ended up paying the fee and followed the trails to the falls.
Manabezho Falls Presque Isle River
The Presque Isle river had four waterfall sections to check out and I was figuring this would have been more of a canyon route but it turns out that this waterfall system would be fantastic for the 1 man technical kayakers that negotiate class 5 rapids
Nawadaha Falls Presque Isle River
after going down the four waterfalls we worked our way over the Superior trail to check out some vistas including the Lake in the Clouds
Manido Falls Presque Isle River

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