July 21, 2014

The Climb up to the Towering Inferno Wolf River Cave

Driving through the night to get to Pall Mall Tennessee was quite the driving adventure in it self yet it is almost becoming somewhat of a normal procedure when we go to TAG.  I woudl like to leave out the waking up in the middle of the night in my car to the driver in between lanes but..hey, its always a experience.  I had to make a 120 mile 2 hr pit stop in bloomington on the way to pick up Chris so we could get to pall mall by 9 am. I drove until around 2 am and Chris took over shortly after.
Sleeping in the car 
Sandstone passage Wolf River Cave
is never good sleep and was apparently not a good time for Chris to be driving so we went to a rest stop and slept for a few hours more. When the sun was up we started our drive in a daze and got to the landowners house that had bugger hole on it. After getting verbal directions, we attempted to look for it and after about an hour we didn't find it so we took off for wolf river cave. We set up a tent thinking we were going to sleep at the property but we decided to go to Fall Creek Falls afterwards. We entered the cave with relative ease through the gate and proceeded to find the remaining part of the cave. 
Wolf River Cave

Returning to Wolf River Cave was something I wanted to do ever since I went there last year.  We went down one section to the cave to the milk and Butter Room and travelled out to the Enchanted Forest.  Along the way we went to visit some side passages and traversed across some large borehole passage that took us past some cat footprints and other wonderful Gypsum flower features.   This time around we are going to pursue the Horrendous hallway to see how far we can get to get to the end of the other section of the cave. We make our way up the towering inferno into the crawl and forward into the first large room.
Wolf River Cave Horrendous Hallway passage
We went right instead of left and found some merry go round about rooms that didn't take us to where we wanted to go. We came back and continued down to another large room and went left. We found our selves going down passage and not able to find survey markers Indicating where we were on this life size map that I had. We kept going until we found out we were in a lower passage somewhere in the tremendous trunk area.
Wolf River Cave
We back tracked and went down a side passage to find a Jaguar bone section with flagging tape stopping people from continuing on. This room had some amazing walls painted with red and yellow sandstone. Afterwards we continued on and out to the main room and pursued another lead until we came up to a large room with a exposed traverse around a ridge. We followed that and found no way to the horrendous hallway.
Sandstone Painted passage Wolf River Cave
We were starting to get tired, so we stopped to rest while I pursued one last lead before heading out. The rooms started to make sense on the map, I encountered a sump, and upstream from the sump I encountered a waterfall. This was the way to horrendous hallway. Nice!!! I went back to get and we went to the waterfall. We continued on to the Miami beach room and traversed down the walking passage past panther ridge, and a place where jaguars use to roam.
Jaguar habitat Wolf River Cave
 There was a dugout where Jaguar's might have lived at one point and another section where Jaguar bones were found. There were no actual bones from what I saw but there was a sign that said a Jaguar was found laying on it's side here. That was interesting to see and think about how and why they got in there.

Waterfall next to the Miami Beach Room

We continued on to the remaining rooms which include additional cat tracks and large rooms. The astrodome, moon room, and the other rooms reminded me of Donaldson cave's large room or the large rooms of guffey cave. There was also a river running through the cave. We decided to back track and work our way back to the entrance. 

Entrance to Wolf River Cave
WOLF RIVER FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/exploration-worldwide/sets/72157645846966162/

Last year at wolf river cave   http://adamhaydock.blogspot.com/2013/08/wolf-river-cave.html

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