December 02, 2015

Champion Spring Resurgence, Alabama
After Orcestwell Spring, we made it over to Champion Spring which was quite the drive but worth the drive as we got to a beautiful resurgence and a surprisingly beautiful dive site.
Champion Spring, Resurgence
We walk to the entrance and it is a breakdown pile with another breakdown pile in the cave that water resurges from.  The entry point into the cave was a bit low but it was very manageable once I was able to squeeze through and start the dive.
Entrance to Champion Spring, Alabama
Josh Helped me bring the diving gear up to the waterline and I got into the water and proceeded to lay line in going underwater passage. he viz was around 15ft or more which was fantastic for Alabama!  I could see the walls as they were flutted and chert mods stuck out of the wall.  There were some blind crawfish that I would pass from time to time as I went deeper into the cave.
 Champion Spring, Alabama
I found another line has already been layed so I tied off to that and proceeded to follow that until it ended which I tied off another reel and continued my push for around 500-600ft and turned for gas management procedures. The passage kept going with no end in site and I wonder if anyone has ever pushed this passage beyond where I found the line to stop.  I would love to return to this cave with larger tanks to continue the pursuit and see where all of this water is coming from.
Adam Haydock after a Dive in Champion Spring, Alabama

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