December 03, 2015

Surprise Pit.
Justin, Melissa, Molly, Cindy, Phil, Walter, Ah, and I wake up at a decent hour and head over to the parking lot of Surprise Pit.  It took a while to get to due to the road conditions but we were able to get over there in good time and made the typical hike up the mountain to the beautiful waterfall entrance of Surprise pit.
Bottom of Surprise Pit
We ate some lunch and entered the cave following the water to where it drops off and to where the shelf traverse is located that took us around the breakdown and to where we would drop 404ft. into Surprise pit.
Surprise Pit
We rigged into some bolts and set a few pads around the edge and we dropped down into the vast wilderness of the underground inner space room of fern caves Surprise pit. This was a really nice drop.  at one point you are in the middle of nowhere on rope with just fog around you and rope going up and down.
Surprise Pit
We all made it down and I snapped a few photos of us as we started our climb out of the cave. Justin and I went last as I snapped more photos of people climbing out.  This was my first time tandum climbing and it was a bit creepy to be climb with two people on rope and it bounced and moved around.
Climbing out of Surprise Pit
We all made it to the top without any issues except fro phil attempting to get me to pass a knot which he needs to try harder at and me leaving my light at the entrance drop at the top of the pit.  I hope someone is able to find it and let me know that they got it.
Surprise Pit
We had a ceremony where we let the remaining portion of JT's ashes go into the water and over the pit which is where he wanted to have is ashes put which was a bit emotional for some of us. JT was a big contributor of the cave and enjoyed mapping and visiting fern cave and surprise pit. May JT rest in Peace in one of his favorite places to be, Surprise Pit.
Entrance to Surprise Pit

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