December 04, 2015

Walter dropping into the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
Last day of my weeklong trip in tag and we headed to Norsemans well for some high water waterfall rap fun in this remote system.  It has ben raining all day and night and all day when we arrived at the parking spot for norsemans, so we headed out to seek the cave. We got a bit mis oriented and after some decisions we made a b line for the cave which took us a bit longer than we expected but we eventually made it.

Justin at the Top of Norsemans well
The waterfalls were flowing pretty good so we knew that all of this water was going to be draining into the cave which was going to make for one hell of a route in high water.
Walter dropping into the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
We get to the drop and it is a sink hole entrance with a large waterfall pouring into the cave along with a section where we could rig dry and rap into the sink hole.  We set up two lines and a rebelay for both lines to make the second drop which is dry at the bottom. I wish I got a shot from the inside looking out as the green walls were very interesting to see.  
Josh Schultz at the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
We go through a bit of canyon passage and come to a wicked fast moving watercourse with leaves and debris from the outside moving half way up to our knees as we traversed down to the third drop.
torrents of water in Norsemans well
We get to the top of this drop and I look down and all the water is just pounding the ground below. It was amazing and questioned if we should continue, hell yea we should continue!
Walter at the forth drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
I rigged natural and walter dropped down the 25ft drop to the bottom, I got on rope and dropped down as I felt the water pressure just hammering my body to the point where it was giving a bit of a bruise, awesome!!

Norsemans well
I wait for the others to get down and we continued on to the next drop which looked like we could have climbed around but the climb down itself was too much water to be climbing down and back out of. Furthermore we were starting to run out of time and we decided to leave the cave which was an event in itself climbing out of that waterfall drop.
Walter and Ah at the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
Justin went up first as I attempted to get some pics of him with the water blasting every which way it could. Gravity and power were at work and it was quite the fantastic climb out.  prob my favorite 25ft climb ever actually.
Justin climbing in the wicked waterfall in Norsemans well
Everyone else got out of the cave and we had no incidents, it was night fall and a hike uphill took us to a road leading back to our cars.
Josh Climbing the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama
We celebrated with Ah's first trip and gave some stories while lifting our spirits in caver praise for another successful tag trip. I ended up driving straight from the cave back to Chicago which took longer than I expected but all in all it was a great week with amazing friends and wonderful places to experience them with.
Josh Climbing the third drop in Norsemans well, Alabama

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