May 08, 2017

Cima Lava tube, California
The vast and beautiful Mojave desert is one of the best examples of desert terrain with the attention to detail regarding the geologic make up above and below ground. One of these examples is the presence of lava beds might that have erupted over 100,000 years ago.

Cima Lava tube, California
This lava bed is in-between Kelso and Baker where lava broke through the ground and spead across the desert plain.
 the breakdown in Cima Lava tube, California
These lava beds have formed small lava tubes in the field and one of the tubes is a popular attraction for people that want to endure the drive to the lava bed flats.

Cima Lava tube, California
A graded dirt road will take you to a parking spot where you can follow a jeep road to the entrance of the lava tube.  The tube itself has some skylight holes which made for some interesting ambient light coming though into the fragment.
Cima Lava tube, California
There is a ladder that will help people into the lava tube. I recommend bringing in a light so you can get under the "low" passage which might be 4ft to the ceiling.  The cavern opens up into walking passage for around 200ft until it ends.   It is a nice place to visit and I recommend it if you are in the area.
 Cima Lava tube, California

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