May 30, 2017

Jason and Tamara Ballensky in Mutha Cave
Mutha Cave has been a sanctuary for some of the most elite climbers that come to this large room to traverse some of the most unique routes in America.  The routes can range from 5.10 to overhung 5.15 routes where climbers are literally climbing on the ceiling.

second entrance in mutha cave
Jason, Tamera, and I drove up to the trail head and there was a climber setting routes up there.  The area that this cave is located is known to be a place that allows bolted routes to be placed but we wanted to check this out because of the size of the cave and to see what the climbers have been up to in this area.

Jason and Tamara Ballensky in Mutha Cave
The cave itself reminded me of Leviathan cave with the large entrance and the large room that had opened up. We noticed a lot of bolted routes going in all directions within this cave which appears that the climbers got this one.  I can see how it is a unique and intersting place to climb but this also speaks to why there is a place for this and cave management plans in palce to protect other caves from turning into "indoor climbing gyms".

formations in Mutha cave
There were some small side passages with a few formations and some flow stone in the walls.
Jason and Tamara Ballensky in Mutha Cave
We noticed a few other small caves in the area and they appeared to have hydro thermal activity associated with their development so I am assuming that mutha cave also has a similar makeup.
Adam Haydock coming out of a small passage in Mutha cave
 There is another cave right under Mutha cave named Dawta Cave that is around 50ft in length that extends back to a filled in wall.

Dawta Cave

 It was interesting to see these two caves from the outside as they sit right above one another.
Mutha and Dawta Cave

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