May 31, 2017

Undisclosed cave

There are just some places that are indescribable where an attempt to explain the beauty and prestige is a mere fallacy to its existence. Other places you cant mention because of the precious and rare content that must be protected at a great sacrifice to its existence, this place has both.  

Undisclosed cave
That facts are that this is a cave and it is heavily guarded that is all I can really say about this one.

Undisclosed cave
What I can describe is that this cave has given me a new respect to the discovery of more similar caves and a better understanding of its make up so I can be on the horizon for other caves that can lead to clues of finding another one.
When browsing through the many columns and the forests of formations and crystals that have peeled of the walls, I felt like I could feel the excitement that the original explorers might have had when discovering this incredible place.

Undisclosed cave
As divine as the formations are within this cave, I feel a strong sense of ambition and motivation that there are more amazing caves that are yet to be discovered.
Undisclosed Cave

For now, this cave will be locked away within the depths of secrecy similar to the arch of the covenant in the Indiana Jones movie.  New caves are out there, and are yet to be explored within the last frontier of our planets inner workings.

Undisclosed cave

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