July 10, 2017

 All Photos by Scott Swaney

The next day we checked off a few leads which did not turn out to be anything more than dead ends, and headed over to Agama Cave.

  Agama cave was first discovered by Jason and Tamara Ballensky a month before this visit to the massif. The cave has a 30ft pit entrance with a natural bridge going over the entrance pit. 

The pit drops into a small room with a high lead that went back up 20ft to a blind room. 

The other side of the room has a short but a super dusty crawl where all of the wind blows though creating a instant dust devil in your face. 

 We called this room the Powder coat crawl since everyone that went through was covered in dust.  

Once we got through the powder coat crawl the other entrance is obvious as it has a vaulted karst window overlooking the desert below and had some signs of formation growth on the walls. 

There did not appear to be any additional leads in the ceilings but this was an interesting trip and can be easily done as a through trip. 

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