July 24, 2017

Adam Haydock searching for caves in nevada
Nevada is a mysterious place which has a lot of opportunity for exploration and discovery in the geologic world.
Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
There are some places that have been kept to secrecy for the sake of protection and preservation to keep caves in pristine condition and held to a high regard to scientific study. 
Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
One section in particular has been giving up clues to more caves with every visit that has been made into the desolate region.
Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
On the most recent visit, a new discovery was made to a cave right on the ridge. 

Adam haydock in Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
I named this cave, Natural Arch Cave since it has a very interesting arch above the cave and the entrance pit is right under the arch.

Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
I climbed down into the entrance of the cave and continued to climb down the hypogene passage for about 50ft of depth until it came to a standing room.

Unfortunately the cave ended and there was not much more to the passage

Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
The Ridge was hiked and checked above hidden lake cave and no other caves were found. 

crinoids near Natural Arch Cave, Nevada
There were additional leads spotted with the drone and future trips will take place to continue the search for caves within this area.

I am anticipating that one day, another large cave will be found within this area and will be documented accordingly.

Until than, the search will continue.

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