July 06, 2017

Justin Pugh and Scott Swaney in Cave Valley Cave, Nevada
The last day we headed over to cave valley cave for a tourist and photo trip into the cave. Cave valley cave is a Nevada classic which has over 1200ft of horizontal passage and gets pretty muddy as you start heading back into the cave. We headed into the cave and noticed that this cave must have been mined in the past.  Looking back into the history of this cave, miners did work on this cave to extract minerals and ore from the walls. This is one of the more popular caves in this region due to the mining industry in Ely and surrounding area. The first 500 feet appear to be dry and heavily stomped on which also included beer cans and graffiti on the walls.  Once we got past the register the cave passage became a bit more pheratic in nature and and started to turn quite muddy.  The passages consisted of a few large room connected by stoop and crawling passage in super thick mud.  We got covered in mud towards the back of the cave. 

Scott Swaney and Justin Pugh in Cave Valley cave, Nevada
The cave reminded me a lot of the caves in Indiana which was a nice flashback. There were some interesting color strata on the walls and on the ceiling.  This cave is worth checking out if you are in the area and have a couple of hours to spare.

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