July 05, 2017

Hidden Lake Cave
After Agama Cave we headed over to Hidden Lake cave which is a nice cave for this area as it is decorated and has a natural filter where the entrance is over 1000ft from the basin.

Hidden Lake Cave
Scott, Justin, and I hiked up into the cave entrance and there were several other entrances that appeared to no go very far but seemed to be interesting for a future visit.

Hidden Lake Cave
We head into the cave and start on a dusty crawl into this room with gray and red colored walls and muddy formations.
Adam Haydock at the entrance of Hidden lake cave
  It was pretty warm and moist in this room which might have helped the formations and helped with the make up of the cave itself.

Hidden Lake Cave
I followed a side passage that kept going up but ended with a large rock blocking further passage.

Justin at hidden lake cave photo by Scott swaney
Justin at hidden lake cave photo by Scott swaney
There were some interesting red and blue clay colors in this cave as well as some gypsum crystals that appeared to have peeled off of the walls.

Hidden Lake Cave
We continue into the back of the lake section, which was dry, and passed by some table top formations and columns.  this led to a popcorn room and some really interesting formations in a room.

Photo by Scott Swaney
 There was also a flowstone that appeared to continue but I did not go up the passage so I could avoid ruining anything.  We also went into another formation room which had flowstone walls and interesting colum formations.

Scott Swaney and Justin Pugh in Hidden Lake Cave
This is a really nice cave for this area and I want to make sure we keep this cave protected from damage to as much as possible.

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