July 06, 2017

Scott Swaney in Death Angel Cave

There is a cave high in the Egan range wilderness that has a 120ft vertical entrance that drops into a large room with some interesting dog tooth spar crystals in some sections of the cave.

The cave itself is quite difficult to get to and requires a real 4x4 to get to the top of the mountain and a hike over to the cave entrance.

Adam Haydock Ascending in Death Angel Cave

 I was delighted to see how this cave resembled a bit of the caves back out east in TAG with its big room feel and sheer wall drop.

Justin Pugh and Scott Swaney in Death Angel Cave
It was in the lower 50s in this cave since it is so high up in elevation. Another interesting aspect of this cave is that it has a natural arch at the top of the drop but there is a widow maker hanging just under the natural arch so care must be taken when redirecting the rope over the arch for a better climb.

 Justin Pugh Dog near a dogtooth spar crystal room in Death Angel Cave
  I rigged a tag line down the slope which takes you to the edge just under the natural arch. I padded everything and Scott, Justin, and I went down into the pit to check out the cave itself. The room was big for nevada standards and the drainage was plugged at the bottom so there did not seem to be any continuation within the room.

Scott Swaney and Justin Pugh in Death Angel Cave

 on the walls there were these geode features with dogtooth spar crystals which was pretty rare to see among caves that I have visited in general.We photo documented the cave a bit and headed back up to the surface. upon our exit, we spotted another lead in a wall but it appeared to be more of a wind cave with the collapse and the rock that the cave was made out of but it might be something more to check out.

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