May 12, 2023

Halls Creek narrows is a beautiful and scenic non-technical canyon within the National Park of Capital Reef. 

Permits are free but you have to get them at the capitol reef visitor center.  

Once you ge the permit, head to the trailhead via water pocket fold road which is on a paved and nice dirt road. 

The last 4 miles can get a bit rough. 

We had a 4x4 high clearance and we were able to get to the TH no problem. 

A subaru outback might have made it but there are some slab rock problems to maneuver around that would have made the outback challenged. 

Once you are on the plateau, there are a few spots to park. 

You can go down the traditional way which will be 22 miles car to car. 

You can also pick your way down another route and cave 7 miles of hiking, if you are savvy enough to get 

once you are in the drainage.  there is a hike to the canyon that can be in sand and cross a few streams in the spring time. 

Once you get to the canyon you have some options. 

You can set up camp just outside of the canyon and enter into halls creek narrows for a leisure day trip. 

Another option is to camp inside halls creek ( preferred) and set up camp under one of the beautiful alcoves. 

We were able to find an amazing alcove just beyond the entrance. 

This was a spectacular place and one where we had all to ourselves. 

It was cavernous and just a beautiful place. 

The next morning we hiked to the end of the narrows and back to camp..

The meandering walls were beautiful and was an excellent place to wonder, we had the canyon to ourselves. 

We went at a slow pace and still had a lot of time left so we decided to hike out that same day. 

We were able to visit this canyon at a slow pace and wrap up our stay in a day instead of three days. 

The narrows were somewhat shorter than I thought as we got through them in (back and forth in just a few hours) but they were quite nice. 

I recommend checking out some of the canyoneering routes in the region if you are in the area so if you wrap up this canyon early you can get into some other canyons. 

Halls creek is a beautiful place, and I am glad the experience has been finally had. 


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