March 01, 2020

Typhon-a serpent monster and one of the deadliest creatures to inhabit the Greek mythological timeline. 

 many famous monsters from Typhon was spun as the serpent existed as this canyon spins its own monstrous off spring in the form of canyon forks. 

A day full of down climbs, sliding scree piles, rappels, and descent into the white lands of below 0elevation.  This is what will be found within the limbs of Typhons.

There are three classic routes to Typhon canyon but there is now evidenced that there might be up to 5 forks within the reaches of this drainage. 

Starting the day off at the top of Dantes peak is one way to visit the canyon but al alternative method would be to go from the bottom up. 

Walking the ridge of dantes to Typhon or any other canyon has its own charm

The relatively easy traverse across the ridge gives way to the incredible sunrise views and picture worthy mountain range colors that I find to be some of the best in Death Valley.

There are numerous canyon options was you traverse the ridge

 Once we got to the fork leading down into Typhon, we had three classic options for typhon.  

We chose the south fork as we heard there was a natural arch that we would be able to rappel through,. 

After a few scree piles and lost descent, we got into the south fork of typhon. 

The colors within the walls started to appear and the rappelling began. 

I am fairly certain that these colors are a result of hydrothermal activity and at one time, this rock was introduced to mineralized spring water. 

This is obviously millions of years ago but the circular and "wave like" patterns in the rock with odd fitting color appear to be hydrothermal in nature. 

Heading down the canyon we found almost 20 rappels in total.

We changed some anchors and re-freshed material. 

The canyon had its moments when it would narrow up but it stayed pretty open for a lot of the descent. 

The biggest drop we encountered was less than 200 ft. 

Numerous downclimbs and raps were encountered with some decent amounts of walking in sections of raps. 

The nettle leaf was in full effect in this canyon which some actually caught a few leaves in their armpits!!

We were able get down the canyon within 10 hours from start to finish. 

This site is only for journal and personal documentative purposes only. 

If you are looking for beta on this canyon check out ropewiki.com for more information,. 

This canyon was a good one but I prefer some others like Charon, Deimos, and Cerberus Canyons. 

However, I do recommend that this is a canyon worth visiting and you will find some great Black range fun in Typhon. 

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