September 08, 2023

 California has some incredible canyons, and in my opinion, The Sierras hold some canyons that provide big views and excellent waterflow in the C class Canyons. 

It must be known that C Class (flowing water) canyons are quite different than canyons with no flow. 

If you are not aware how to maneuver around these canyons, do not enter C Class canyons. 

Pitman canyon is no exception.

 The rock is slippery, and the flow can become quite dangerous if you are not careful with what you are doing. 

We got into the canyon from the bottom up and dropped into the best part of the canyon and headed down. 

The water was a great cool temperature, and the sun was beating down upon us which made the cold water quite inviting. 

We found various rappels up to 200 ft in length.  

It appeared as though you could bypass a lot of the rappels. and also rappel out of the water.  

We changed out a couple of the anchors webbing and noticed the water started to flow more and more. make sure you check all the hangers webbing and anchorage to ensure that it is safe to use. 

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