May 26, 2015

Walter and I set out to meet up with Steve Davis to discuss a couple options regarding which caves we should go to visit today.  After discussing all of our options we set out for a 220ft cave.  We parked and hiked up the wash to the small entrance of this cave and rigged a long rope so we can snake it around to a few other drops at the bottom of the cave.
We descend this massive free drop into a very impressive high ceiling room with fluted high walled canyon passage that appeared to go on forever.  It was amazing! after bouncing this pit we got back up to the surface and it started to rain so hard we couldn't see 20ft in front of us.  I was impressed at how this rain was so dense, water ran down from the trees and ran right into the pit entrance. Eventually we made it back to the car and got back to the hotel to wait for Pat Mudd and a visit to Sheldon's Cave just 6 minutes from or hotel in Scottsboro.

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