May 28, 2015

As we were driving back to Chicago, we wanted to say hi to our friends that went to Speleofest so we decided to stop by for a bit while on our way back home. 
When we got to Lonestar Preserve we saw Tim Stoops and Bill Baus running around a bit looking for more caves to visit.
We unloaded the car and waited for Phil to show up and decided that if he didn't make it within 20 minutes we were going to keep heading north as everyone seemed to have gone caving and there were not to many people around. 
Phil and Clinton barber showed up from their trip to Frenchmans knob and we surprised them with some beer and bourbon as we waited at their campsite.
We ended up de commissioning their rope obstacle course which took a few hours to do.  Once we were done with that e decided on staying the night and going to the party in salt peter cave.
We got to see a bunch of our friends which was nice and shared some stories about TAG and about some of their recent excursions. We all had a blast and it was a perfect ending to a great trip!!!!

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