May 26, 2015

Walter in Major's Pit
After Guy's Cave, we ate some grub and headed towards Major's Pit which was 100ft. from Guy's Cave.  You cant miss it, its right at the bottom of the sink.

Walter & Kassia in Major's Pit
 We dragged the 380f.t rope over as the entrance look huge but once we got a chance to actually look into the pit, it reminded me of a baby never sink. 

It was only 50ft to the bottom of the cave but it was a cold trap as it was quite cold at the bottom for some reason.  It was more like a penitentiary of sorts than anything else.

Walter in Major's Pit

The lip made for a interesting negotiation but it was a nice cool down and a great cave to check out and be in 40 degree temps while looking up in sunny 85 degree weather.  Afterwards we de rigged and hiked back down to the car and got some dinner!

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