May 26, 2015

Ken Williams climbing out of Torode Pit, Alabama
We took our time waking up Sunday as the trip yesterday to Fowler 2 was quite a long one so we met up with Ken Williams and Annette Bongiovanni at the Liberty restaurant for some breakfast and a trip out to Torode Pit across from Jacobs Mountian. This is a 192ft. open air pit with some large bore hole breakdown passage that leads to.....nothing.  Just abruptly stops but is quite impressive.  I had the chance to talk with the landowner that lives near the pit and he was nice enough to allow us to park on his property and visit the cave from the top down.
Ken Williams about to rappel the entrance of Torode Pit, Alabama
We pull up and park our cars in a field, gear up, and head down the steep slope going over slippry rocks and tripping a bit over vines all while avoiding poison ivy. Eventually we work our way over to the sinkhole and come up to the entrance of Torode Pit.

Walter and ken in Torode Pit, Alabama

We rig the drop and all descend down this large vertical borehole pit down to the bottom where we could see a large borehole passage that actually took around 20 minutes to walk across.
 The borehole of Torode Pit

  It was quite large!! Ken and Annette bounced the pit a few times and I got a chance to take some pictures before heading out.
 Torode Pit Alabama
 I was the last one to exit the cave and right as I was getting on rope I saw a chipmunk!  Yup, it looked at me and ran off like it knew where it was going which is interesting as there must be another entrance for that chipmunk to get into and get to the bottom of the pit.  The cave was gorgeous and I was really impressed with how this cave looked.

 Walter Climbing Torode Pit Alabama
We headed out of the cave and started our hike up back to the car.  Slowly we made or way to the parking spot and enjoyed some time together while deciding on going to grab some Mexican in Scottsboro which was a lot of fun and ended our day with great laughs, good friends, and full bellies!
Walter climbing Torode Pit, Alabama


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