May 26, 2015

Pat Mudd in Sheldon's Cave Alabama

Pat finally showed up from the great smokies and checked into his hotel room and jumped in my car so we could all head towards Sheldons Cave.
Sheldon's Cave Alabama

 After a exhausting  minute drive we arrive at the field and park across from the field where we suited up and hiked up to the entrance of the cave.

Sheldon's Cave Alabama
This was a interesting entrance as we rigged high and descended past the main horizontal level and down into the 125 ft pit bottom.

 Pat Mudd Sheldon's Cave Alabama
 There was a lot of trash at the bottom of this pit which I am sure a clean up effort will render a favorable result of a clean cave next to the center of cave country.
A short hike down into the passage took us to another drop but our rope did not reach that far
Sheldon's Cave Alabama

and there were no bolts for another rope. It was starting to get dark out so we ascended out of the cave and headed back towards Scottsboro to relax and prepare for the trip to Guys cave and Majors pit the following day. 
Sheldon's Cave Alabama

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