May 27, 2015

 entrance of Guy's Cave, Alabama
Patt, Walter, and I woke up early Tuesday morning to get a early start on breakfast at the Liberty Restaurant so we could catch the latest news from the local farmers regarding who is trespassing on whos land, what cattle did the previous day, and how they need to fix their truck but cant because of a govt coverup.  After watching them slang tomatoes to one another like drug dealers, we finished our coffee and headed over to Guys cave!

I have been waiting to visit this cave for a long time now so I am glad we are finally able to make it over to this wet multi drop cave. We hiked up the mountain and made it over to the beautiful waterfall entrance that looked like a large breakdown collapse with a beautiful waterfall falling in stages eventually pouring underground and losing to a stream to re surge at the second drop.
 climbing back up in Guys Cave Alabama
We Rigged a 380ft rope that served us as our snake rope for the first 4 drops in the cave.  The first entrance was a 20ft drop into a cavern like canyon passage that lead us back to the stream and to the second drop.  The second drop was in a waterfall which was a fun drop of around 20ft or so. Once we got down we moved over to the Third drop which was another 20footer to a shelf where the forth drop of around 50-60 ft was located.  This was a bit interesting as it was free hanging and you come right out into the pit the moment you leave the platform.

Bottom of the 5th drop in Guys Cave
It was raining at the bottom of the forth drop and the watercourse carved a slot canyon down to the fifth drop which was about 50ft to the bottom and again, in water....AWESOME !!!!!
Bottom of the 4th drop in Guys Cave Alabama
Once we got down to the fifth we traversed through the water assage to the dome room and across the slot canyon passage to the 6th drop which was around 30ft to the floor and at the hurricane shaft.
Bottom of the 4th drop in Guy's cave
This is where we decided to turn around and due to running out of rope, we had no choice but to start our ascent back out of the cave

We worked our way back up the drops and de rigged without incident which is always a plus.
Top of the Second drop in Guy;s Cave
We did not get too cold in this cave and it was really straight forward in terms of where to go and how to rig the drops which made this cave a fun and easy stroll through a multi drop waterpark!!

I recommend anyone going here to caution the weather as this can flood rather quickly but enjoy yourselves knowing that there is a lot of good cave to enjoy and places to stay safe if you get trapped in high water. I am not sure if this caves would sump or not but there is always a possibility.
Next we pulled up the ropes and headed over to Major's Pit which was right next to this cave
Bottom of the first drop in Guys Cave

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