October 07, 2015

Mike Green at the top of Pipe Springs, Utah
We attempted to wake up early once again in the cow pie pasture Kolob Lake campsite which went a bit better than the previous days but we had to hunt down Troy and Derek on the other side of the lake. We got ready and headed back over to the West Rim trail and went over to Pipe Spring Canyon.
Patrick in Pipe Springs, Utah
This canyon was picked since it is next to Boundary Canyon and it appeared to be a nice canyon that only had a hike out using the upper half of the MIA exit. We tried to get over to Kolob Canyon but we needed to get permits which we were not able to get.
Patrick in Pipe Springs, Utah
We set out on the roads that took up down and around the MIA exit to the entrance of Pipe Spring Canyon.  There was a nice flowing spring from a pipe which had cold water that allowed us to replenish after pipe spring and after the MIA exit which made for a nice rest stop.
Daniel Martin in Pipe Springs, Utah
The first drop was around 170ft. into a slot canyon passage which was a beautiful fluted wall and continued to drop down a series of rapid fire rappels under 200ft.
Pipe Springs, Utah
We continued down past a series of rappels and started to leap frog over one another to the next drop to move quicker and prepare for Imlay Canyon.
Patrick and Mike at the top of the multi pitch in Pipe Springs, Utah
We work our way down to a multi tiered drop that had a incredible view of the MIA exit and Kolob Creek Canyon below us which was beautiful.

Mike stopped to get a promo shoot of Daniels Super food Breakfast cereal which never seemed to turn out quite right while the deacon was working his way down the chute and under the chock stone to where we were.
Troy holding on for dear life in Pipe Springs, Utah
I don't think we could be serious on this trip whatsoever but with this drop we had to do a little problem solving. Mike and Patrick rapped past the next anchor and had to pass a knot by tying rope together to get to the bottom. There were some ideas to rig to lower and send ropes up and down but when I got down to the next drop I clipped into the anchor on the pine tree and had everyone else come down there with me.
Troy Descending a Multi-Pitch in Pipe Springs, Utah
We pulled the rope down when everyone was down and re rigged it to the anchor at the pine tree than rapped down to the canyon floor.
Troy in Pipe Springs, Utah
The walls narrowed and became a slot canyon which made for some beautiful photos and Daniels Sharue photo.
"The Sarue" Pipe Springs, Utah
We worked our way through the canyon and past a few more drops and climb downs until we were out of the canyon.
Pipe Springs, Utah
Good news was that we were able to get dumped out into the second half of the MIA exit which was nice so the we did no have to hike the whole thing but we still had over a 1000ft of elevation and quite a steep hike to get up for the group.
Deacon Blues in Pipe Springs, Utah
We all worked together and eventually made it up to the road and hiked back out to the cars where they were on the West Rim in good time. Afterwards we headed back to the Ponderosa ranch to camp for a night mystery canyon the following day.
Troy giving me a bottom belay in Pipe Springs, Utah

PIPE SPRINGS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/exploration-worldwide/albums/72157657239355973

Camping location,. Kolob Lake, Utah

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