April 04, 2016

 the Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah
Located around 4 to 5 miles south of Green River, Utah is a cold water geyser that spews water, sometimes to a height of 50ft. at intervals throughout the day.  This Geyser was once drilled for oil down to a depth of over 2000ft. but the explorers were not successful in finding any oil. 
Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah
 The previous landowners partially filled in the geyser and some locals capped the geyser with a log which prevented it from blasting water into the air. There was been a metal device placed around the hole and I believe the log was removed to allow the water to blast through the top. 
Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah
There are some very interesting travertine rim stone dams that have formed both before the oil exploration, which are now dried out and dormant, to actively flowing travertine dams that direct the water in a bridal veil like fashion to the Green River. 
Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah
The dams are colored in orange and dark red which tells me that the water might have levels of oxidizing iron in the solution.  The water is also said to have a lot of Carbon Dioxide dissolved into the solution. 
Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah
 I remember seeing some gas that smelled like methane rising out of the drainage pipe where the water was flowing out of as well.  This place is worth a quick stop if you are driving through Green River.
Crystal Geyser, Green River Utah

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