August 16, 2016

 the entrance of Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 After fueling up a bit in blanding, we headed out to the Comb Ridge area and headed out down the dirt road to Fish Mouth Cave Ruins.  There are a number of ruins in this area where the Anasazi appeared to have a network of housing structures built for protection, ceremonies, and a desert life style that included a nice river to gather water from. 
 the entrance of Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 We got to the trail head and the massive gaping alcove cavern was apparent and obvious to anyone looking in that direction from the road.  The Anasazi must have had parties or some kind of special gathering here because this cavern could fit a small community in its shadows. 
Fingerprints in Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 We hiked up and along the way, we passed by multiple ruin locations with some interesting structure, kilns, and broken pottery that was scattered around the entrance of the alcove.  After being ambushed by a massive amount of gnats while going through a small swampy area, we got the slab rock on the reef of comb wash and the temps must have skyrocketed to over 100 degrees. 
at the entrance of Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 The cave had a magnifying factor it as it appeared to stay the same size as we got closer which told me we had more uphill scrambling to do in order to get to the entrance of the cave. A liter of water later, we made it to the entrance and I was impressed with the sheer size of this room and the auditorium like presence this massive sand cave had. 

Laura next to the fingerprints in Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 I contemplated if this was a wind cave and wind might have had a factor creating this but we could see seepage lines in the strata and break down piles which tells me that this cave has been falling in on itself as the seepage separates the strata consequently dropping layers of stand stone to the bottom which has created this massive room we found air conditioning in. 

Adam Haydock in Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah
 There were artifacts in the cave from fingerprint markings to, small corn cobs that were randomly scattered around. There were also mud balls with hand marks and some signs of old grass that might have been used as foundation for kivas back when this palace of a cave was thriving with Anasazi.

Fishmouth cave ruins, utah
 I can imagine the type of people that might have stayed in this area since it had natural air conditioning, protection and lots of space to move around in. The Anasazi parties in here must have been outstanding, everyone in the whole valley could see them rocking and rolling in this cave. 
Fish Mouth Cave Ruins, Utah

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