October 27, 2015

After Pine Hill cave we made our way up the road and headed towards the way points that I had for Sinks of the Roundstone. While we were driving I noticed a blue hole coming out of a bluff so we turned around and realized a very large resurgence with some very clear water and deep water. 

Blue Hole Cave Resurgence
I will have to return to this Spring for a dive sometime soon. I did some research and this appears to be from Blue Hole Cave which has a watercourse that might be fed by Pine Hill.  The watercourse goes from Pine Hill Into Blue Hole Cave, re surges out of the Blue Hole and travels into Sinks Of the Roundstone Cave.  I will be returning to this cave for a dive in the near future. 

the exit of Sinks of the Roundstone Cave
We continued on and made our way over to the parking spot for Sinks of the Roundstone Cave. We set up the tracks and found the entrance right before the tunnel. Which was interesting to see, We found a couple other entrances along the way as well. We head in and noticed the graffiti throughout the cave and artifacts that were left from the rail workers many years ago. 

Sinks of the Roundstone Cave

We continued down and had some crawling before the passage opened up into some pretty substantial passage with ceiling that looked like they reached 50-75 feet at times by 50-70ft in width. Very large trunk passage for the Midwest. It was a pretty easy to walk the rest of the way and within a half hour to 45 minutes of starting the cave we were out the other side.  Yup, a thru trip and a really nice second cave for a thru trip. The exit had a natural arch and a nice walk out exit. 
Sinks of the Roundstone Cave

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