July 05, 2016

GMZ cave, Utah
After Thunder Shower cave we set out to find GMZ cave which is just a 200ft pit with no going passage. After a while, we found the entrance which is a nice sink and indeed goes down around 200ft.
Laura in GMZ cave, Utah
I prepared the anchor and noticed the highline rope had a core shot in it so I ended up having to cut the rope and now had right around 200ft. and a 180 or at least I thought I had that until I got on rope.

GMZ cave, Utah
I padded the heck out of the first drop and I want to get a bolt placed at the top for a standing re-belay to avoid some of the rock edges and avoid the rocks in general.  They were solid but appear that they could start falling if enough changes about them.  
GMZ cave, Utah
We were at around the same elevation and the flowers were blooming like they were back in the Unitas which was beautiful to see on top of the rugged alpine karst at 8200ft.
GMZ cave, Utah
I am not sure what GMZ stands for (Gangsta My Zipline, the Great Morman Zumba, or Go Macho Zoolander ) but once I got on rope and got over the ledges, the first drop was around 100ft to a sloping snowcone that poured over to the remaining portion of the pit which was at least another 100ft down.
GMZ cave, Utah
I wanted to make sure that I got to the ledge and had a position to look over to see if the rope was touching the ground and photo the cave, and to my curiosity, the knot at the end of the rope was swinging around like whiskey dick and not laying down on the bottom snow cone like end of a good should be doing.
Laura GMZ cave, Utah
I elected to not go down there and see how much more I had to go but rather got to the side clipped into the rope and found a awkward ledge to photo the first section of the cave.
GMZ cave, Utah
I was a bit disappointed by that but it there is always next time and I would not mind coming back to this one. The last sequence of the pitch looked like it opened up a bit at the bottom and reminded me a bit of a tag pit like pretty well without the formations.  I came back up and I rigged another line to go down with Laura to photo the entrance.  Once we were done with that, we de rigged and came back up.  A thunderstorm was rolling in so we got down back to the car.  This is one I would come back to not only because we didn't make it to the bottom but because it is a 200ft drop with a decent size room at the bottom and good practice.

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