April 17, 2018

Heather in in Hidden Falls Canyon, Nevada
A great way to spend a Sunday is a causal 7 hour canyon in the backyard of Las Vegas.  The Red Rock National recreational area has some fantastic climbing, hiking, and canyoneering and mid April is a great time to catch some of these routes before they get too blistering hot!

Heather in in Hidden Falls Canyon, Nevada

Hidden Falls is in the corner of the Willow Spring trailhead yet on our last rap the falls are not that hidden as there were scores of people at the bottom.  There was a small trickle of water coming down from hidden falls but the canyon itself was actually better than I thought it would be.

Heather on the second rap in Hidden Falls Canyon, Nevada

We parked at the Willow Spring Trail head and started our hike up on the 4x4 road for around 2 miles until we took a hiking trail into the juniper forest.

Heather on the second rap in Hidden Falls Canyon, Nevad
This took is up over 1000ft. of elevation gain to a yellowish sandstone ridge and over to Hidden Falls Canyon.  This is the same ridge trail that you can use for Ice Box and Ice Cube canyons as well. I believe this is the ridge trail that traverses across the peaks of the red rock.

Hiddens Falls Canyon, Nevada
Continuing down we encounter the first two raps which have some similar quality as zion canyons, but at a small scale to Zion. Still, Hidden Falls has varnished walls and yellowish sandstone cliffs with pine trees peppered into the canyon.

Heather in the heart of Hiddens Falls Canyon, Nevada
I was not expecting a lot out of this canyon but I was surprised to see the slab rock canyon drainage with the gorge like descent that we found in Hidden Falls Canyon.

Hiddens Falls Canyon, Nevada

We got a bit turned around when we did not see anchors for some of the raps  where I would have thought there would have been but we managed to work around this and continue our descent and beating the afternoon winds. 

Heather on the third rap in Hidden falls.

As we headed down the canyon, the walls rose and Hidden Canyon reflected another great canyon in the red rock area that provides some great views and fun canyon.  

Hidden falls canyon
There is quite a lot of boulder hopping and bush whacking and pools of water to work around, which was successful until we got to the second to the last rap. 

Heather on a mission at the top of the first rap in hidden falls.
Thankfully, the weather conditions cleared up and it was just warm enough for us to keep moving without too much of a chill. The water was in the 50s and there was a small trickling stream going through he bottom half of the canyon.

Last rap in hidden falls.
Once we got to the last rap, the pristine sounds of bighorn sheep kicking small rocks on us and winds breezing through the pines went away and the smell of cheap cologne and voices of all kinds of octaves could be heard below us.

looking up canyon in hidden falls, Nevada
The last rap was a nice one but we got out of there quickly and made it back to the car just over 7 hours from the start.  We were lolly gagging around in the canyon and we still make it out in good time.

heather going into a narrow section of hidden falls canyon

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