November 05, 2019

Eastern Sun canyon is a remote Zion national park canyon that doesn't get a whole lot of visitors and also packs a punch.

The canyon is near Dead eye dick and mighty mouse which all three can be combined for a long day on the east mesa region.

We got an early start so we could take advantage of the day and get as much time in the canyons as possible.

The canyon took about an hour or so for the approach through bush whacking and down into the canyon tail.

Eventually we worked out way over to the top of the dramatic first drop on Eastern sun and let the fun begin.

The canyon drops into a deep narrow canyon with a impressive 170ft drop on the first rap.

We had a group of 9 people and everyone had a rope so we were able to move quickly through the canyon.

The canyon continued to provide continuous rappels smaller than 100 ft in length through out the rest of the canyon

I made sure everyone was carrying a rope, webbing and building new anchors as needed and setting up raps as needed so we were able to get through the canyon in less than 2 hours.

The canyon was quite nice and doesn't have many visitors but the canyon seemed to end quite quickly.

That might have been we were working so well together or it could have been that the actual canyon was a bit short.

I like think that we worked quickly through this canyon and made great time. 

Once we were out of the canyon we headed back up the narrows to chamberlain ranch 

We made a quick stop at mighty mouse canyon to check out this short but nice canyon and made it out in good time.

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I recommend this canyon for a good remote excursion into the east mesa region and a good off day to a more lengthy stay when zion canyoneering

I am looking forward to finishing up the zion canyons and continuing to visit more of the grand canyon canyons in the near future.

overall it is a great canyon and worthy of a visit! 

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