November 06, 2019

 Blue Point Spring and Rogers Spring are two spring resurgences within the Lake Mead National Recreation area an hour north of Las Vegas.

 These two spring resurgences release warm spring water that was measured to be at 81 degrees F.

 The water comes from 10s of miles away from a large aquifier that might be connected to a system under ely, Nevada.

 I went here to check for a potential dive into these springs using a No mount configuration and both springs appear to be inaccessible to diving into the springs due to restrictions.

 One spring had some very brittle ceiling material that appears to flake off when touched.

 Another spring had a slab rock restriction that did not allow for human travel into the spring.

 These springs are both beautiful places to visit and I can see why people like swimming in these areas.

 I highly recommend visiting these two places if you are looking for a nice swim in warm water.

 Do not dunk your head underwater due to an amoeba that could potential cause major brain damage

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