June 15, 2020

Bear canyon is a north Arizona canyon that we decided to grab at the last minute before heading back to vegas. 

At 2 1/2 hours, car to car, canyon was quite short and did not take long to get through 

Raps were straightforward and less then 100 feet in length. check a canyon beta site for specific rope lengths. 

The approach was not all that steep and it was straightforward to find our way into the canyon

The water was a bit cold so a 3 mm wetsuit came in handy for the short swims. 

The scenic section was indeed nice but it was short lived once we exited the canyon

The hike out was steep but a small trail was in place to follow. 

This was a perfect canyon for the Sunday afternoon trip when you just do not want to go home yet and have a bit more energy. 

for specific beta on this canyon refer to ropewiki for more information. 

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