June 23, 2020

Insomnia with the 320 ft drop. 

the "I"'s have been some of great Arizona classics as people flock from all over the southwest to visit these three gems. 

you can get into a lot of action within these canyons on the rim and I was grateful to have a crew come out to enjoy this one. 

We decided to tour the entire canyon from the very top which proved to be a minor detour from the goods that could have been with time that would have been....saved. 

back on track and we are headed into insomnia, with a bright eye towards the void in the back. 

continuing down we encountered some interesting raps along the way. 

as it appeared, maintenance has not been priority in here. 

but thankfully the AZ canyon response make great again, team come through with some re-fresh. 

some cavernous sections within this canyon made for some interesting luminosity 

along with a chill or two. 

we met up with two others from flagstaff and skated down this canyon to the infamous big drop. 

this was a time where the bolt was blown out of its placement and temp equipment was placed for a safe and proper passage. 

indeed it looked like a BDSM lair full of ropes, webbing ( torn) and various metallic parts dangling. 

we got over the 320 and set up a contingency just in-case we needed to lower on rappel. 

rope touched the bottom and no need for anything other than a traditional pull down and lot of fun to be had. 

I have to admit, there was a beat or two skipped...

I am still alive to risk and don't not completely jaded after all. 

the first 60 feet of this drop is on the wall until it bells out and you are free hanging in this amazing alcove full of color. 

This drop made the canyon and I can see why it is a destination canyon just to visit this section. 

We continued down and out to make a bit of a slog back out to the rim of this region. 

how many of these "I" canyons are really out there?!?!?!..

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