July 17, 2022

 Every once in a while, you come across some amazing people that share your most passionate desires within the world outside of our houses. 

There is nothing more than to experience the world with such like-minded and amazing people in experiences that we find to be most valuable. 

What more than to experience that in Yosemite with one of the classic canyoneering routes in the region. 

This canyon has it all, big waterfalls, moving water, big views, and excellent jumps into water

We got a descent start into this canyon and the conditions were perfect

it was quite hot outside but that helped with our mitigation to the cold elements. 

The water was flowing at a perfect rate to not be dangerous and still be a lot of fun. 

We worked our way up the trail to and headed into the canyon. 

There was call for smoke but we got lucky and the smoke cleared up. 

We worked our way down these large drops and to my surprise, we were out of the water most of the time. 

We had to practice some good rope management skillsets and communication as we evolved down the canyon. 

We encountered some jumps that looked like a LOT of fun, but I have an MRI coming up soon and I didn't want to hurt myself before Switzerland. 

You want to read the beta and practice good rope management skillsets before you enter into this canyon. 

The last segment is a 385 ft drop that is broken up into two drops.  

I brought some comms to communicate with the team and we were able to get set up and left the canyon without any incident. 

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