January 22, 2024

Black Jack is a short, scenic, and beautiful canyon. 

numerous rappels up to 120 ft.  We brought a 200 ft rope and a pull cord to fiddle. 

You can hike from the west rim or hike from the river up a break to gain access int this canyon. 

make sure you bring extra webbing and rapides if you venture into this canyon

this is a documented descent of an unpublished canyon.

We found webbing but prior to our visit we did not know of any information on this canyon

I like the idea of no bolts in canyons and practice religiously practice a no bolting policy when canyoneering.  yet, we are using and producing more webbing which does create more trash.  This particular canyon is short, most of the dry falls you can downclimb. 

 Not everyone shares my view but now you get to experience more great canyons within this range.  You can even float from Black Magic Canyon to the break, up,  and down into Black Jack Canyon, float again to AZ springs and hike out in a day called "Black Jack Magic".  

This info is available to instill trust into the community's present and future.  Do your part to treat these places how the first descent crews and we would like,  its up to you to turn the page towards better canyoneering practices. 

Enjoy and cannoneer responsibly. 

Lets turn the page for present and future canyoneers to practice better, cleaner, safe, and responsible canyoneering.  Not only will be be doing our part to protect sensitive lands, preserving places we love for others to enjoy, but we will all be the ambassadors of our lands and the places that we love so future exploration will not be hidden. Sure canyons will be secret and people will end up damaging lands either by accident or malice, but if our culture can continue to rippen and improve we might find a happy media to enjoy more canyoneering opportunity and allow our curiosity to expand. 

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