January 22, 2024

It amazes me that more people haven't been wondering what is within the mountains and drainages of the black range. 
We have been "discovering" more like finding what others have been hiding, within this range. We find old webbing and nothing more mentioned. 
I get it. We don't want precious places stomped on, we don't want pollution, we don't want people getting hurt. We also don't want that for the known canyons that everyone knows. 
at the end of the day, people are going to want to explore and find new canyons. 

People are going to be who they are and we cant stop them from doing whatever they plan on doing unless we are actually there. 

That being said, I want our canyoneering community to enjoy these amazing places and have opportunities to see such wonderful places. 
That being said, please dont place any bolts in these canyons, especially this canyon. 
In addition to the ethos of canyoneering and using natural anchorage, this canyon has some brittle rock. 

leave the bolts and hangers for the climbing walls for everyone to see, Jibaro canyon has 8 rappels upto 150 ft. with plenty of anchorage building material. 
Now this canyon has a bit more effort to get to but once you top out, get ready for some beautiful scenery!
This is one of my favorite canyons in the region.
This canyon reminds me of blue velvet canyon but with bigger views and some more interesting rappels to the water. 

There are some downclimbs and raps in the beginning along with some walking.
Once you get to the final narrow sequence, the rappels come in consecutive order and the scenery is just beautiful. 
This canyon also has a platform where people can set up their packrats for a float down to the AZ hot springs. 
This one can be added to a weekend of fun for many groups. 
make sure you bring webbing and rapides to replace anchorage and leave the bolting materials at home. 

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